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Expanding on a great website with our Webflow wizardry

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San Francisco Bay Area
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The client

RocketWheel helps businesses grow with video. A video content marketing agency that produces a full range of explainers and demos that persuasively communicate concepts across a buyer’s entire journey.

Their challenge

There was a need to fix a lot of broken elements on the website. And in addition to that, they needed to build out plenty of new pages to further market the website and expand it. They needed all this but without any way to approach the problem.

Our solution

We were approached to help with these question marks. We set up a plan and explained what will be done and how it will be done. With a clear plan ahead, we knew what needed to be done.

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The results

The result was that we resolved all the issues that RocketWheel and their team were facing, and we continue to provide updates regularly.

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Driven by humans

We love our work here at Lykad Studios, but getting to know the incredible people behind each organisation and seeing the impact of our services is what drives us to be even better each and every day

Arnel Bukva
CEO of Lykad Studios